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Another weary Friday
Another days work done
Then it's off home to the family
Neath the last rays of the sun
The chimneys comb the sky now
as evening drapes her cloak
There's a calming chill around the mill
As stars peep through the smoke
So come and have a drink with us
Lay down your heavy load
Tomorrow we'll be singing songs
down at dear old Elland Road

The mid day hooter's sounding
The landlord slides the bolt
The children play outside
As the mill steams to a halt
In my pocket is a flask of soup
And a home baked tatie pie
On the road with fellow Leeds fans
under winters yellow sky
The hobnail on the cobble set
The rhythm as we strode
We marched together side by side
To dear old Elland Road

These happy streets are gone now
The looms are left to rust
They house us ever skyward
But we take with us the dust
To lift the gloom there's Revies boys
They'll never let you down,
You'll see the best there's ever been
and all for half a crown
And through it all we all stood tall
But bygone days unfold
With each and every song we sing
Down at dear Old Elland road

The Revie era passes by
The momentum slows at last
Still stranded in these towers
Like the victims of the past
Demoted like the team we love
But still there's ties that bind
But life is getting harder
with new jobs so hard to find
I gaze upon the rooftops
From my towering abode
So stark against the glowing lights
Of dear old Elland Road.

Though financially divided
Some day we'll re-unite
And as white rays pierce those stormy skies
We'll gather in the light
With building blocks of Yorkshire grit
To rebuild a fortress strong
We'll march down Elland road again
And sing those victory songs
We'll always stand together
As we share lifes heavy load
Our hearts will always be with Leeds
And dear old Elland Road.