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Hello Daddy Hello mommy
It's your precious, little Johnny
Come and help me if you're able
Cos my team are at the bottom of the table

You remember Uncle Peter
Said he'd make my team world beaters
Said we'd give them all a pasting
If I see him now I'm gonna smash his face in

Now I don't want this to spook ya
We may lose Smith and Viduka
I'll restart my education
If you send some cash to stop administration

Thought that we had found a saviour
In the oil fields of Arabia
He would bankroll us forever
If he had two Dinars he could rub together
No one's left life's such a frenzy
Leightons gone and so's McKenzie
Hope went too I'm feeling so alone
Oh what's it like back there back at home

Dark clouds form the heavens greiving
Lightening strikes, the thunder's heaving
In the pools reflections of the past
When we were feared by the World

How's my precious little brother
Does he still hate the village scummer
Bet he's still scared of my sister
she poked fun so much it made her finger blister

There's a break now in the weather
People marching on together
Leeds songs ringing gee that's better
Daddy Mommy kindly disreguard this leter