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All hail the mighty peacocks
In the year of seventy two
Upon that magical winters day
The lads were playing Man U
Billy went to George Best and to him did say
As he stared him straight in the eye
Tell your fans they may as well go home
For today you're gonna die

We scored five and sent them on their way
In a thirty minute spell
And then we all sang ole ole ole ole
As we sent the scum to hell


Anyone who went to Elland Road on the 19th Feb 1972 will ever forget the experience. Man U had been at the top of the league 2 weeks earlier and fancied their chances. What happened instead was truely magical Eddie Gray taking the ball to one of their players I think it was Best,put his foot on the ball and his hands on his head, when they tried to get the ball Eddie pulled it back and we all shouted ole. That is the first time I can remember a crowd ole-ing,I remember grown men crying with happiness as we took them to bits.

Note , we scored 5 in a 27 minute spell but as there were too many sylables I used poetic licence to change it to 30.

Note 2... die is not meant literally, scum is.