DEAR SON [Not Karaokied]

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If they ask who you would die for , tell them son,
Super Leeds, Super Leeds.

If they ask who plays in red,just tell them son,
They are scum, they are scum.

You'll be proud, you wont fall to your knees,
You will stand up tall and sing for Leeds.

With the army of the whites keep marching on,
Singing Leeds, Super Leeds.


[as with all the tunes on here you can change the tempo of the tunes to suit yourselves,
I would recomend most to be speeded up. To do this, download the free vanbasco midi
player and click on the control button, also most of these songs will play in full screen
karaoke format with the vanbasco  player, you can add a Leeds United background and change the
text to Leeds colours.right click the tune link for each song, select save target as, and
download onto your computer,to play the karaoke, right click on the file then chose open with
vanbasco midi player, sing your heart out for the lads.]