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If you think white means surrender Just bog off ....BOG OFF
If your an over paid pretender Just bog off.... BOG OFF
If you taint Leeds on a bender
Dream to be a scum contender
Then your chances here are slender so bog off ....BOG OFF

When its tough and you cant hack it Just bog off ....BOG OFF
Tart around like Hinge and Bracket Just bog off.... BOG OFF
Think the game is just a racket
Just to raise your income bracket
Your just out to make a packet so bog off ....BOG OFF

But if you covert cups that gleam then you are Leeds ....LEEDS LEEDS
Hold we fans in high esteem then you are Leeds ....LEEDS LEEDS
If you want to be the cream then join with us and dream the dream
And once again we'll rule supreme
Cos we are Leeds ....LEEDS LEEDS !!!