Well I left school Friday and started work Saturday
To get some brass together to see United when I can
Need to have a wage for boots and clothes
And I,ll get 18 bob at soapy joes
I couldn,t give a bugger I'm a man.

And I'll buy Brylcream for me hair
I will look so debonair
And buy some brothel creepers
To chase lasses at the dance
Ah'll earn all kinds of perks
And it's 2 bob more than't copper works
I couldn't give a bugger I'm a man.

I'll clock out at 12 for Holbeck
To get some Melbourne down me neck
Laike darts on't Yorkshire board then its off to Elland road.
Pay kids price into' t  paddock
Then ower't road for chips and Haddock
I couldn't give a bugger I'm a man.

Ah'll larn to swagger when I walk
And rattle me change at women folk
Get half fare on the tram yet do me mans voice in the pub
Give one and a tanner to me mam.
And become a Leeds United fan,
Ah'll show the lads in Hunslet who's a man.

One day I'll be a big hit,
Have a statue up in Briggate
Cos I'm a bloody Leeds United fan.